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If any of these statements resonate with you, please do get in touch to see how we can make some positive changes together.

If you would like to hear about my own journey where I discovered that I was a grey area drinker, have a read of my blog post here.

Am I a grey area drinker?: FAQ

1. You drink regularly and are generally drinking alcohol more days each week than not.

2. You fluctuate between worrying about your drinking, to believing it is ok and “just what everyone else is doing.”

3. You sometimes use alcohol to relax or relieve stress.

4. You often drink more than you intend to in one sitting, and then later regret how much you drank.

5. You spend a lot of time thinking about alcohol (How much can I drink tonight so I don’t feel hungover tomorrow?  When is an ok time to start drinking today?  Will I drink tonight or not? What drinks shall I have tonight so that I can have a good time but also won’t leave me too hungover?)

6. You don’t identify as being dependent on alcohol or needing it every day, but you also don’t identify as a “take it or leave it” drinker.  You feel like you’re in that grey space in the middle.

7. You have been able to stop for periods of time before (Dry January or weeks/months off), but always end up going back to drinking alcohol – you tell yourself your drinking can’t be that bad if you were able to stop for a while.

8. You have googled questions about your drinking (Am I drinking too much? Is it ok to drink most days?)

9. You experience negative (but not life threatening) consequences as a result of drinking alcohol, either personally, professionally, or in your relationships with others.

10. You feel like your drinking has a negative impact on your self-care (e.g. your quality of sleep, dietary choices, exercise routine).

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