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Packages & Rates: Packages & Rates


Intake Session

After your free Discovery Call, we will schedule a stand alone Intake Session, which lasts up to 90 minutes.  This is a coach-led session where we get to know each other, I outline what coaching is, and we discuss the roles of the client and the coach.


Coaching Session

The coaching process is designed to help you achieve your personal and professional goals with support and guidance.  I will provide a forum for you to establish your goals, ask powerful questions and enable you to see different perspectives, while helping you achieve what you want most in life.


Block of Coaching

To achieve maximum results on your coaching journey, I recommend that you book a block of 8 sessions at a reduced rate and at a time frame most suited to your needs.  This block of 8 sessions includes the initial Intake Session, and it will enable you to deep dive into my signature coaching programme, which takes you through relevant topics and exercises to help you achieve your sober goals, and grants you lifetime access to my closed Facebook group for like-minded women on their own sobriety journey.


EFT Session

Emotional Freedom Technique is a powerful tool for releasing unwanted negative emotions. Discover how you can use EFT (or tapping) to help you gain relief from emotional distress or help you deal with cravings. Click here for more information about EFT.


Meditation Session

These half hour sessions involve me leading 1 or 2 guided meditations that are tailored to your mindset and circumstances.  These sessions are a helpful reset in times of stress, or when you are feeling as though you aren't taking moments to slow down and make time for yourself during your busy life.

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Packages & Rates: Welcome
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