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Search within you for positive change

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Emotional Freedom Technique is a powerful tool for releasing unwanted negative emotions.  Discover how you can use EFT to help you gain relief from emotional distress or help you deal with cravings.  EFT stimulates points on the face and body by tapping on them (think acupuncture without the needles), whilst making statements about the negative emotions out loud. Clinical trials have shown that EFT is able to rapidly reduce the emotional impact of memories and incidents that trigger emotional distress and has an immediate calming effect.  Click here for more information about EFT.



Drinking alcohol can sometimes make us believe we are fun, exciting and sociable. But what if I told you there is a fun and exciting world out there, without the need to rely on alcohol?  A healthier, connected and more balanced life, without the worry about what alcohol is doing to our physical and mental health.  Having stumbled along the path of grey area drinking myself for decades, I am now passionate about helping women reach their goal of sobriety. I run individual and group programmes to help you with your sobriety journey.

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I run half hour sessions which involve me leading 1 or 2 guided meditations that are tailored to your mindset and circumstances.  Our aim with meditation isn't to "get calm" - often that is a happy biproduct.  Our aim is to be consciously aware of where our minds are taking us, so that we pay attention to when our thoughts are wandering, and to bring our focus back to the breath, in the hope that we might apply this to our daily lives.  These sessions are a helpful reset in times of stress, or when you are feeling as though you aren't taking time to slow down and make time for yourself during your busy life.

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